Ralph Myerz “Supersonic Pulse” full length released Sept. 16

Ralph Myerz_SSP_1000_72_rgb

Disco Pinata’s debut full-length released today from Norway’s Ralph Myerz via NYC, LA, ATL, Detroit, Berlin, Oslo and Bergen. Features  Snoop, P-Funker George Clinton, the return of Roxanne Shante,  our new favorites Da YoungFellaz and KQuick and so many other guests plus Annie and Royksopp from Norway. More info on the release page here.

Ralph Myerz remix of Coco Morier’s “Hallucination” = Free download

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Ralph Myerz’ LateNightTriRepmix of Coco Morier’s track “Hallucination” is “the perfect single for driving through empty downtown avenues in the wee hours of the morning.”

FREE download from Indieshuffle

Trip out to the “remix video” of secret footage of Coco Morier’s weird doppelgangers Rei Morrocco and Holly Marilyn