Marnie’s New Album Available Now Clear Vinyl & CD

Marnie's album "Strange Words And Weird Wars" ltd ed clear and black vinyl

Thanks to all the requests from fans, we decided to produce a CD version of Marnie’s album “Strange Words And Weird Wars. You can order the CD, clear vinyl, black vinyl as well as a tour poster and a set of Marnie badges from the Marnie Bandcamp page.

Marnie’s “Electric Youth” Video

Urbaniks Street Skool of Dance kids from Marnie's "Electric Youth" video.

What if “The Warriors” was about a teen dance skool in Glasgow instead of a street gang in NYC – you might have “Electric Youth”? Video directed by Dawn Elrick. Features the Urbaniks Street Skool of Dance

Marnie’s “Lost Maps” Video

Marnie's "Lost Maps" video

“Lost Maps” is the first video for Marnie’s new album “Strange Words And Weird Wars.” Featuring – Natali McCleary Written, Produced & Directed by Tim Courtney