Marnie – Lost Maps Remixes

Lost Maps Remixes Cover

Release Date: October 27, 2017
Catalog No.: DP014
Format: Digital only

1. Lost Maps (HQFU Remix)
2. Lost Maps (-La Roc- Remix)
3. Lost Maps (John Baillie Jnr Baby Diego Remix)
4. Lost Maps (John Baillie Jnr Baby Diego Remix Dub)
5. Lost Maps (John Baillie Jnr Baby Diego Remix Radio Edit)

HQFU is the electro alias of Glasgow-based artist Sarah J Stanley. She describes her current work as “A mix of high BPM, fun, dirty and dark electro sounds.” Sarah plays keyboards in Marnie’s live band and designed the cover of the album “Strange Words And Weird Wars.”

John Baillie Jnr
John Baillie Jnr is producer/writer/drummer in Bossy Love, formerly of Glasgow ‘fight-pop’ band Dananananaykroyd and electro-house duo Dolby Anol. As a dance music producer and DJ he’s remixed over 30 artists (including officials for the likes of Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, La Roux and The Gossip) and played from New York City to Australia and everywhere in between.

-La Roc-
-La Roc- is a new project by Mexico City’s Karim Gonzalez and Nico Raiback. Karim is well-known in the underground electronic scene in Mexico from his legendary radio station mixtapes, work with the Mexican Institute of Sound and the acts NSM PSM and Wagoner. Nico is a musician, producer and DJ who has been experimenting with samplers, synthesizers, old rhythm machines and making tracks since he was 10 years old.