Ralph Myerz – Take A Look At The World (feat Annie)


Release Date: July 16, 2013
Catalog No.: DPM003
Format: Digital

1. Original Version
2. Extended Club Mix
3. Doc L Junior’s LunchBox Remix
4. Flash Atkins Remix
5. Rubit Remix
6. The Treatment Remix
7. SNBRN & Mossberg Pump Remix

Bergen, Norway – Annie and Ralph Myerz’ home town – is an awfully soggy city in winter time.  When Annie was stuck in her Bergen studio this winter she simply had to write this sunny travelogue: a dreamy escape from icy fjords, snowmen and the icy north wind. This is a sunny winter song about distant shores, beaches and parties elsewhere on the planet. Additional production by their Bergen friends Röyksopp.